About the Artist

Grace Fields is a freshman at Tulane University and alumni of the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. They are majoring in Public Health and Studio Arts and work primarily in acrylic paint.

Artist Statement:

My name is Grace Fields, and I'm a student and artist who primarily deals in acrylic paints, though I dabble in watercolor paints, printmaking, and drawing. Through my art, I aim to put LGBT people into media, change the traditional scenes we are so used to associating with heterosexual couples, show that women come in lots of different forms, and the female body is not inherently sexual. I mix traditional and contemporary painting techniques in an attempt to revise previous centuries of art while adding a modern flair.

One of the challenges facing a person questioning their sexuality or gender is that they rarely see themselves in media. In art, television, movies, and literature, LGBT people are often nonexistent. If they are present, they are minor characters, played as a joke, or, in the case of many lesbian people in media, fetishized. This is how my "Two Eves" series came to be; I wanted to see myself in the religious and historical paintings that dominated the fine arts world, so I reworked the biblical “Adam and Eve” story and instead painted the traditional story as between two women.

Female nudity is also prevalent throughout my work. The female body is incredibly sexualized in today’s society, something that terrified and traumatized me as a child. I aim to depict women as real people, not automatically sexual beings just for existing. I want to show that women can look lots of different ways, and that they are beautiful the way that they are. I imagine my work exists in a world where society has not marred the self-esteem of and image of women. Through my work, I aim to help other young or struggling people see the beauty in their identities and their bodies.

Grace Fields
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